Our Story

Bread Set Go is Manila’s first bread subscription service, dedicated to delivering freshly baked breads to every home in Metro Manila. With the upsurge of grocery deliveries the past year, we understand how daunting it must be to manage delivery services on a weekly basis. Since bread is a staple in all Filipino homes, Bread Set Go has made bread purchasing easier by allowing our customers to book for subscription 1, 3, and 6 months ahead with a variety that will make menu planning fun and easy for every household. All you have to do is order once, and the rest of the work is on us. 

Our kitchen has 9 years of experience with Cupcake Lab and Lucille’s PH to prove our commitment to quality, food safety, attention to detail, and customer service. With Bread Set Go, we are as committed to our core values as ever, and we are excited to introduce an innovation to the bread industry that will change the way you purchase your everyday breads for the better.